Batch Orders of Bags

You’re here because you’re looking for a larger quantity of bags. You’re looking to provide a different option for client and team appreciation, students, donors, and more. You believe that what we wear, buy and create should be connected to people and the planet.

batch bags material.jpg

The Process

Step 1:

Decide whether you’d like to up-cycle your own materials OR use in-house, salvaged materials.

Step 2:

Use this checklist to see if you’re ready to contact us:

  • Quantity of bags desired

  • Timeline in mind

  • Design preferences (see infographic below.)

Tote Bag Infographic Transparent.png

STep 3


Contact us! We can schedule an appointment. Then, we’ll be able to give you costing, iron out some details and solidify the timeline based on your needs and our process.


Step 4: The final product

You’ve now elevated your company’s sustainability impact and have proven that it’s possible to support living wage jobs, divert textiles from the landfill, all while supporting the local supply chain and purchasing a quality product. HUG YOURSELF—you’re amazing!