You must have an idea for a product and want us to make it for you!

We’d love to work with you—

but first, please use the checklist below to see if you’re ready to start the process!

  1. First and foremost, you are passionate and intentional about honoring the true costs of designing and producing sewn products in the U.S.

  2. You understand that quality design takes time,  labor is a valuable and vital part of the cost, and diverting textiles from the landfill is an additional, essential cost to sustainable manufacturing.

  3. You are  interested in having Public Thread produce your product(s) several times in order to perfect the design and build a long-lasting relationship with our team!

  4. Your design ideas are almost completely fleshed out.  

    1. This means that you have a sample or prototype.  With this a picture or sketch with detailed labels must be created.

    2. With said sample, instructions for production are provided

  5. You have a pattern.

  6. Sourcing of domestic materials is done or close to being done.