Special Edition Batch

One of our first products and all-time favorites, we bring you the ultimate weekender bag. Perfect for groceries or a mini-vacay, this bag can hold a LOT. Two spots for shoe storage (or wine bottles—whatever your jam is), you’ll be set with all the things you need to explore, or sit back and relax with a glass or four.

Made from upcycled Nylon, lined with salvaged billboards and carried by reclaimed car seat-belts. Fully lined and includes inside pockets on all sides. 17.5 x 11 x 14 inches.

Nylon, billboards and seat-belts all sourced from Grand Rapids, MI.


  • Standardized design, no billboard lining is the same

  • Side-snaps to travel with ease

  • Fits underneath the airplane seat—perfect carry-on

  • We source all materials in West Michigan

  • Created using fair and sustainable labor practices

For each Special Edition Batch we make 5-10 items with upcycled materials. Get them before they’re gone.

Please Note: All products are sourced, designed, produced, and shipped from Grand Rapids, MI. Please allow up to three weeks for delivery as all products are made to order.

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