Public Thread is sort of your typical cut & sew shop, right?

No way, man. We like to live outside of the boundaries, so “typical” isn’t a word we’d use.  We differentiate ourselves from the up-cycled world by using high-quality textiles, thoughtfully designing products, and proving that you don’t have to sacrifice style in order to put people and planet first. Every piece has its own story, both through the product itself and the person who made it.

I have an idea for a product. Can you make it for me? How much would it cost?

You are a visionary and a creative--we love that! It gives us life! However, we have several requirements before we’re able to meet with clients about contract cut and sew work. Click here to learn more and see if you’d be ready to collaborate with us!

What do you make?

Currently, we’re working hard to perfect our bag and accessories line.  We create carry-on sized bags, laptop cases, weekender bags, business card holders, Wrist-lets, wallets, and so much more. Our banners to bags program and batch orders of bags are another focus of our brand.  As we learn and grow, we’ll be introducing new designs to fit your needs and desires.


Batch Orders

Private Label Batch Orders

Contract Cut & Sew

Click here to learn more.

I have materials that I want to get rid of in a sustainable way—how do i get those to you?

Great question.  We accept non-traditional, traditional, and recurring materials. We’ve received everything from rolls of leather to piles of wool samples.  Click here to learn more about whether or not the materials you have are right for us!

Do you have a store? Where can I buy your products?

We do not currently have a regular storefront, but our products are available for purchase on our online shop! Throughout the year we host pop-up-shops, too. We love to connect with our customers in-person, and this is a great way for people to interact with our products in real time.  Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages to keep up to date on the upcoming events, sales, etc!

You’re just one, small-batch business. Are you really making a difference?

Great question—you must be as existential as the rest of us.   We’ve been operating under a system that disrupts the one at large because we want more for you and the planet you live on.  We’re setting an example for the businesses around us and offer options to those who need support in transitioning from fast fashion to sustainable swagger.  Even better, customers like you will be the driving force in all of this. YOU are the one choosing to explore something different; Therefore, YOU will be making that difference a reality.