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We are passionate about partnering with people and organizations in our community to re-imagine how textiles can be used.

Keep scrolling to find out how partnering with us can help you to:

Live out your organization’s values by giving your conference attendees a tote made of re-purposed billboards or banners.

Promote sustainability while answering the question, “What gift will we give clients this year?”

Find a variety of ways to be intentional and sustainable while caring about the humans behind your products.


Banners to Bags

Every year, millions of banners, billboards and signs are used for a short time and then discarded. Our landfills, even with reform and careful management, continue to fill with waste.

Our way of helping? We give mesh, vinyl or billboards and banners of other materials a new look—a new purpose.

You can have the history of your business or organization live on through each bag.

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Batch it UP

Large events often leave you with the same swag: Drawstring backpacks, flimsy water bottles and maybe a t-shirt. These giveaways tend to be ordinary and disconnected, save for the corresponding colors or logos.

What if you offered products that told a different kind of story? One of salvaged materials re-imagined and a local-economy supported? We can make that happen.

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Donate Materials

Have scrap materials? Don’t send them to the landfill. Give them to us and we’ll reimagine them into something beautiful.

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