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Our Mission

Public Thread sees value in textiles and materials that already exist. Through partnerships with furniture manufacturers, the automotive industry, beer producers, apparel businesses, sign and banner companies and more, we are able to divert materials from the landfill.

Once the materials enter our space, we re-imagine their intended purpose to create unique products with a story to tell. Most importantly, we honor the makers with living wages and a work environment in which they can flourish.

We exist for customers who value people and planet, and the connections between all of us—

So the things that you wear tell a story you can be proud to carry with you.

Our Vision

Manufacturing Justice


We give new life to salvaged materials and textiles.


Community-based sourcing, design and manufacturing of sewn goods.

creatively disrupt

Re-imagine the textile industry by putting people and the planet first.

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Banners to Bags

Every year, millions of banners are used for a short time and then discarded. We will take your mesh, vinyl, or billboards and banners of other materials and give them a new life—a new look and purpose.

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Batch it UP

Conferences, employee appreciation moments, and holidays often involve the same swag. But what if you did something unexpected and full of meaning? We can make that happen.

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